i’m in black & white stripes with a whistle and 2 cards

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Spent my evening refereeing 2 soccer games for U-12. Whooo! Exhausting. Running along the sidelines for a couple of 30-min halves is far from easy. Should have taken some action shots but figured it was my first day so I’d spend more time paying a close attention to the game and calling it as accurately as possible. All in all, I can say I did an awesome job and look forward to my next referee assignment.

a mental adolescent in love with the idea of romance

•March 30, 2009 • 1 Comment

Took me a while to compose that title in search of a phrase to describe a friend true to my heart.  Laying in bed watching movies (as if my life is ever different), one theme seems more resonant above all others… a beating heart signifies that a person is alive. Given that knowledge, live life to the fullest, taking in every breathtaking moment as it comes along.

When we get to settling for what comes along…letting life happen as it may…we fall short of truly living. Truth be told, I haven’t fully practiced what I’m preaching. We can only learn from mistakes and experiences. Not all mistakes are punitive. Honestly, some mistakes tend to be welcome. However, making a mistake when the lesson to be learnt afterwards has already been dispatched in a previous instance is not considered a smart choice.

In summation, here’s a special note to a special person. I urge you to never allow thoughts overcome feelings; yet, in doing so be very wary and cautious not to settle for everything that comes along…to let life, as it may, happen -LIVE IT!!!

soccer saturday

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I should probably be asleep already but here’s me psyching up for the 2 soccer matches I have in the morning. University of South Carolina Aiken @ 9am and Newberry college @ 1pm. I’m ready…shrimp scampi dinner, gear & team uniforms washed and ready to go. All that’s left is the actual match. Oh, since I’m not exactly sleepy yet, Fifa 09 on the playstation 3 sounds life a great way to get sleepy and pass the time paying attention to soccer. My Wellington Hurricanes play the Lions a little later, but I’ll just record that match and get some shut-eye. Speaking of rugby, I must say I’m a very proud and happy coach, since my boys have qualified for the state championships with a 6-0 record. I’m excited. Summer sports…I’m ready, are u?

In case of incasity

•March 26, 2009 • 1 Comment

hmm!!! so was watching something about zombies and then played Resident Evil 5 last nite and I honestly wonder what we’ll do when a nuclear mishap takes place. Will I have the guts to kill those I love when pushed to a corner.. probably yea…but thats only because i’m trigger happy.
On a more serious note though, as much as we hope nothing of the sort happens, I’m left wondering whether I should have a contingency plan for the rare disasters… Where’s my bomb shelter in case Augusta becomes a target because of the masters… the meteor that struck the earth’s atmosphere a week ago over South Carolina (even though I slept through the very loud ‘boom’) could have been more threatening that it turned out to be…. my idea that I need a personal stash of snacks should not just end with oreos and caprisuns. Do I have enough money set aside for a national crisis…
Should I even be writing this out??????? lol… oh well…. I’m still thinking about what I’ll do when the zombies come.

Awful names for incredible products

•March 10, 2009 • 2 Comments

Getting ready for school this morning, I figured I’d let VH1’s Jumpstart kick off my day with some awesome music. 1 awesome song later, here comes a commercial for Kaboom!…. seriously? Kaboom? c’mon people, if we’re running out of names for products, we might as well just use descriptions… ShamWow, Snuggie,shamwow Kaboom …… ridiculous stuff…. snuggiekaboom

How easy I fail to remember

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I’m quickly starting to understand how easily my failing memory can disrupt life as I know it. Mobile blogging is definitely a way to increase my posting frequency. Here’s me testing it.

BenQ’s all in one

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This is actually something I’d like t have. Would be great if it was multi-touch like the HP Touchsmart, but at $500 bucks.. definitely a nice computer to have in open space or for guests…

I’ll probably hang on for the 21″ and make sure I’ve got some bluetooth devices to use in conjuction with it.

Am I overdoing this sports thing…

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Shin splints kicking in, I’m doubting whether or not this is healthy for me…

Rugby, Soccer, Tennis..

Coaching High School rugby every Tuesday and Thursday while playing running with them can be very demanding. Not only do I have to run alongside them, I’m constantly faced with trying times when I have to be certain to impress them with some extraordinary display of rugby skills.

Soccer class every Tuesday, soccer practice Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I play tennis every opportunity I get, not as regularly as I’d like though… I’m starting to hurt so maybe I need to ease off.. a tad bit at least

stuck behind the gate

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This is quite a funny video – especially being a Ronaldo fan, I can imagine something like this happening to me at that age…

Love is blind

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I’d say, it technically still is Valentine’s day… considering that most couples would be waiting for the nite to deeply express their affection and attraction to each other. I’m home in bed watching a movie by myself on this all so special day for those who has someone special to their heart and not barred by distance. Got no regrets folks, simply wouldn’t have it any other way.

Love is blind – a very common phrase… but one with special meaning as it can be translated in so many ways. Kate Winslet used it in the introduction to ‘The Holiday’… and I’m translating it in every way I know. it starts with being blind to love, when its right under you nose the whole time…