In case of incasity

hmm!!! so was watching something about zombies and then played Resident Evil 5 last nite and I honestly wonder what we’ll do when a nuclear mishap takes place. Will I have the guts to kill those I love when pushed to a corner.. probably yea…but thats only because i’m trigger happy.
On a more serious note though, as much as we hope nothing of the sort happens, I’m left wondering whether I should have a contingency plan for the rare disasters… Where’s my bomb shelter in case Augusta becomes a target because of the masters… the meteor that struck the earth’s atmosphere a week ago over South Carolina (even though I slept through the very loud ‘boom’) could have been more threatening that it turned out to be…. my idea that I need a personal stash of snacks should not just end with oreos and caprisuns. Do I have enough money set aside for a national crisis…
Should I even be writing this out??????? lol… oh well…. I’m still thinking about what I’ll do when the zombies come.

~ by phastafrican on March 26, 2009.

One Response to “In case of incasity”

  1. I am usually fascinated by the messages texts transmit, I clocked the game last week and I second your assumptions… Such occurrence seems possible especially as we are in an age of techno advancement. A shocking thing I realised was that the game creators used currency Naira, being a Nigerian by descent is that a threat to me? Its like you will have to hook me up with a bomb shelter too…

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