a mental adolescent in love with the idea of romance

Took me a while to compose that title in search of a phrase to describe a friend true to my heart.  Laying in bed watching movies (as if my life is ever different), one theme seems more resonant above all others… a beating heart signifies that a person is alive. Given that knowledge, live life to the fullest, taking in every breathtaking moment as it comes along.

When we get to settling for what comes along…letting life happen as it may…we fall short of truly living. Truth be told, I haven’t fully practiced what I’m preaching. We can only learn from mistakes and experiences. Not all mistakes are punitive. Honestly, some mistakes tend to be welcome. However, making a mistake when the lesson to be learnt afterwards has already been dispatched in a previous instance is not considered a smart choice.

In summation, here’s a special note to a special person. I urge you to never allow thoughts overcome feelings; yet, in doing so be very wary and cautious not to settle for everything that comes along…to let life, as it may, happen -LIVE IT!!!

~ by phastafrican on March 30, 2009.

One Response to “a mental adolescent in love with the idea of romance”

  1. I know this is a very old post, but still very true.. Miss you, Crazy African…
    Oh, and I still need to stop thinking….

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