Nature’s Trickery

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Nature is one deceptive mother. Only a few days after my post on Augusta’s outrageously low temparatures, the sun decides to come hang out with the skies and share some heat. Playing soccer on Saturday shirtless would have been bad for my health any other day earlier in the year… but not this past weekend. I was dripping with sweat like the shimmery surface of a lake as I ran around our intramural field.

outside-temperatureThe trip to Fayetteville with my High School Rugby team turned out better than expected. Screaming at my young athletes in bright 70-degree weather was wonderful, especially chasing along the sideline as they executed well organized directions I kept howling at them.

All I ask is that this weather remains… very short relationships don’t hurt as much as longer ones when the end arrives, except when that relationship has been anticipated in earnest wait for longer than can be remembered.

Another weekend of endless sports

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I’ve always said my life revolves around sports. This weekend was a clear depiction of that statement. Friday evening, Keisha came and dragged me out to play tennis with her. Got a few solid serves in, but aiding a newbie develop her tennis skills prohibited me from trying to follow through and hit powerful cross-court forehands. Nonetheless, I’m sure my rustiness will be rectified before the summer comes around.

Saturday afternoon was devoted to soccer and rugby took up the entire day on Sunday. I’m pretty exhausted if I might add. According to one of my friends, even the energizer bunny doesn’t go on forever; at some point, we have to replace batteries. The phastafrican can certainly take a break too. I deem it a wise choice to spend my Monday in bed, recuperating and relaxing… goodness knows I deserve it.

Early Friday Lunch

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Got done with my exam rather quickly. The usually 3-hour class period only demanded 45 minutes from me to complete the 100 question examination. This is the earliest time I’v been home from school this year, @ 11am, unlike semester when I barely left the house before noon. I’d hate to be in law school… reading through hypotheticals would be the most annoying part of my day. Granted, its fun trying to figure out whether or not a specific individual has a viable claim or not on an issue can be fun, just not a fun exercise when a grade is being assigned for being right or wrong. Who decides that anyway – a jury… so why should I take on that task.

I’m sure I did fine enough, and need not worry about an exam that’s done and over with. I’m home early, laying in bed with a quadruple stacked turkey sandwich and a fun movie on the TV (meet the robinsons)… this is the life. Now would be good opportunity for a photo-op – if i had a phone/camera/ both (my poor nokia N95)

Burning the Midnight Candle…

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Studying for an exam and even though I should probably be a bit more focussed and not waste valuable time writing this post, I can’t resist the urge to share the little I’ve learned with the world. lol… Right, I’ve been told that learning results in a change of behaviour from the acquisition of knowledge and I simply don’t realize any change in my character from reading about law, how it affects business and ethics etc. Anyway, I’ll go ahead and get started on the 2nd of 7 chapters, all of which I must be able to reproduce as vital information for tomorrows examination. Time to light that midnight candle like TNT, yo!… lol.

burning midnight candle

Augusta’s Getting Cold

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I fear lifes getting cold. Walking 0.8 miles to school through 25 degrees fahrenheight weather with winds gusting out at about 15mph is not my idea of life in Georgia. Since I have always wanted to live in Scandinavia, I can’t complain at being given the opportunity to experience the soon to be ‘normal; weather for in Iceland. I have been told that Greenland gets warmer than Iceland so I might take a look at that for a second later on today. All that remains is the possibly a hi-5 with snow filled tree limbs.

snow treefinger

I’m starting to feel my life’s getting cold too. In addition to very little excitement, nothing seems to be going my way. I’m making progress on a few things, but falling further and further behind a lot more. It might be time to take a closer look at my life as it should be and make a few changes where necessary.

Suburban Prison

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I’m starting to feel like the gym is simply a suburban prison to humanity. I’ve been making it a point to go to the gym at least twice a week since I’ve been back and sad to say, boredom is beginning to set in. Maybe I lack the intellectual ability to comprehend why we decide to drive from our homes to a facility only to run in the same spot… or for that matter, leave all the valuable work we could be doing to go push weights. It might take me a while, but I’m embarking on a quest to find an answer to the above posed questions. Oh by the way, I hope to build a bit more muscle before I entirely quit this gym-ing business.

Chasing the Blackberry Curve 8900

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Been on the phone with nearly 20 different T-mobile representatives trying to get the new BB Curve 8900 before its official release date – Feb 11th. It’s not a vile pursuit, believe me… I’ve pulled this off before for the sidekick lx. It just seems to be tougher finding the curve for some reason. I’m still at it and will be sure to get this phone ASAP. For the few that know me, my Nokia N-95 run my life. Its a struggle making it to the end of the day without a phone. I feel like I’m on that MojoHD tv show: Technology Jones – live life as it was in a certain year – 1945 for example.

That said, I’m gonna get this phone today no matter how many more people I have to go through. Nothing’s gonna stop me… nothing.

check out a clip from the show and a review of the phone.

Sport Sunday

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So today was the Australian Open Final as well as Superbowl XLIII. Long and short… Nadal beat Federer and made him weep, Roethlisberger orchestrated a 2-minute-drill and beat the cardinals to win the superbowl. Didn’t care much for the game since my Patriots weren’t there, but it was very exciting for the most part. Now on to the highlight of my day. Rafael Nadal won his first Australian Open Title.  I’ve never been more excited after a tennis match. Wimbledon only falls second to this because I’m living in the moment. I almost fell down in sync with him, except he fell on the court, I fell on my bed. After bouncing around my room in excitement, I now simply look forward to the French Open in Paris. Maybe I should start making plans to be at the US Open this year. Watching Nadal win a match would definitely make this year a great one.

non-stop flights

•January 15, 2009 • 1 Comment

from this day forth, I’m making a promise to myself to always board non-stop flights. My trip back to school from Accra, Ghana was not exactly the most convenient. I’m not one to cry over spilled milk so I’m not about to complain about having a bad flight. I’m sure we all encounter a bad trip, when on the ground, over the seas, or in the air. Transitting at 5 airports over a 2 day span with stolen and misplaced luggage can leave terrible scars. Even worse when there’s tons of delayed flights in between connecting flights and a period of 2 days is spent in the air. Then again, I guess I’m just simply glad I made it back safe to my friends and the life I am now accustomed to. If I ever have to make a transit en-route to my destination, there’s lessons learnt and plans to implement in an attempt to eliminate that feeling.


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Just registered my wordpress account. Time to post a ton of posts for January. This’ll be more journal entries from the past month since I’ll be making lots of date adjustments to correspond to the posts.  First walk of 2009 in my blogosphere. They say you have to learn to walk before you run but I was born phast so here’s to a jumpstart down lane 1 on the 100m track.